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Davy Sage is a Nigerian-born Pop singer who knows how to craft a catchy song that will make you dance. His music achievements to date have been hard won and he’s primed for new successes; remember the name.

Raised between his home town and Lagos Nigeria, Davy now lives in Canada where he’s pursuing his music career. His voice is Afro-centric and cool, his music is a mix between hit Dance music and Afro-Pop, a growing international genre brought to prominence by Artists like Akon, Omi, P-Square and Fuse ODG. A prolific song writer, Davy’s music also has a knack for making female listeners swoon; as can be heard in his sultry song ‘High’, whilst also being able to fill the dance floor with fist pumping songs like ‘Waiting for you’ – The title track from his current EP.